Summer Adventure with Horse riding Program

Students live in home stay families and have two weeks of language courses at our center (20 hours a week). In the third and fourth weeks, students go either horse-trekking or hiking in the mountains. The length of treks depends on the applicants and may vary from one to two weeks. Between hikes over peaks and river-crossings, students camp in tents or yurts. Enjoy untouched wilderness, breathtaking views from 2500 meters and above, and wonders of the IssykĖKul lake region. Of course, trekking can bring unexpected surprises that may require schedule changes (e.g. bad weather) - but then again, this is always part of the adventure! The course is designed for four weeks but it can be tailored according to students' wishes. This program is for either Russian or Kyrgyz.
Bergen Nelson Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 2010 "I like to consider myself a moderately adventuresome person. I spend much of my time tracking down and placing myself in situations that most people do their best to avoid, and a story to tell. But all my previous excursions and experiences paled in comparison to the week I spend trekking though rural Kyrgyzstan. We spent six days on horseback, climbing mountains, fording rivers, talking to people, and taking pictures that couldn't possibly capture the sheer magnitude of the lend and the history in contained. The family pictured invited us into their yurt for kumis (fermented horse milk, a traditional Kyrgyz drink), and extended all manner of hospitality, even going so far as to let us pose with their (loaded) rifles. Watching their children ride horses the way my little brother plays video games was astonishing and eye-opening. Kyrgyzstan was my first trip outside the United States and I'm sad it was. I don't know that anywhere I go will measure up.
"This is a basic description written of the trek that usually students take. Obviously, the length of the trek can be stretched on either end, but in this configuration we had one day of rest at the end to allow participants to unwind. Sometimes, it also takes a day to teach students to get used to riding horses in mountain conditions.
The sturdy Kyrgyz ponies are easy to ride, saddles are comfortable and horses provide a leisurely way to see more of the natural beauty of the area.
Daytime activities are plentiful and varied. In the mountain valleys, itís possible to see the occasional mountain sheep and hear the high-pitched screech of marmots. Watch eagles soar overhead and enjoy the fresh aroma of mountain flowers. Savor it, for once you are back in the bustle and heat of Bishkek, youíll surely miss it."