7 Great Reasons to Study with us

  1. High quality language classes at Kyrgyzstan's foremost language school.
  2. We work to tailor your visit here to YOUR needs and interests.
  3. Discover Kyrgyz hospitality and culture firsthand through homestays, horseback riding, bazar visits and other excursions we can help arrange.
  4. Competitive pricing. Our course prices (by the hour) are hard to beat anywhere in Central Asia, let alone in much of the language-study world.
  5. We can help arrange accomodation, meals and transport so you can focus on enjoying your classes and your stay here.
  6. Real world practice. Russian and Kyrgyz are official languages in Kyrgyzstan, so after class you'll have many opportunities to speak with locals. Moreover, locals are friendly to foreigners and are eager to share their culture.
  7. Discover the wonderful beauty of what's been titled the "Switzerland of Central Asia!" Ala Archa National Park is just 30 minutes away from your classroom.